Honoring You

Apr 22, 2023

We get so caught up in our drive to heal, to grow, to level up that it's easy to slip into a go-go-go mentality where we relentlessly push forward, ever on to the next thing. We try a new meditation, we jump into a yoga class, we adopt a new gratitude habit all in the name of betterment and peace.

But this practice actually feeds the experience of feeling never-satisfied, never-enough.

We expect fast results or instant relief or immediate enlightenment, and when we don't get it, we move on to the next thing.

There's always one more thing to try, right?

The urgency with which we plow through all of the options as we hunt for the ONE thing that will help us turn the corner contributes to an overtaxed nervous system, which then sends us in search of something to soothe ourselves.

And the cycle continues. 


So what do we do? How do we continue evolving without all the noise and distraction?




Pausing to take stock of just how far we've come in our healing/spiritual journey is important because it creates space ... space to evaluate what didn't work and why; space to review options going forward; space to tune into our intuition for next steps.

When we reflect on our progress, we create the space that allows us to take in our achievements, to absorb them on every level.

We can then embody our learning and growth, which, in turn, informs our decisions and actions moving forward. The you who has absorbed the information on what worked and what didn't will show up differently than the you who hasn't taken the time to integrate the data.


There's another important piece to reflection, though.


And that's the acknowledgment and honoring of the you who walked you to where you are now.

🌱 The you who carried the pain but decided to find a way to heal it.

🌱 The you who made mistakes but didn't give up.

🌱 The you who felt overwhelmed with fear or grief or anxiety or shame, yet she showed up anyway.


Honoring all the earlier versions of you reframes the past, encoding it as a sacred part of your journey instead of a mistake within it.

This is such a powerful thing.

You, right here in this NOW moment, could not have gotten here without the you that fought and struggled and cheered and triumphed over all the obstacles, decisions, and paths.

Celebrate that you.

Honor the choices, slips, stumbles, and wisdom gained from each step.

In doing so, you honor the sacredness of your personal journey.


xo, Mitzi

About Mitzi

Mitzi is an experienced quantum healer who has helped hundreds of women over the past 15 years to release old gunk and step into their power.

Experiencing firsthand the power of healing the DominantMan Wound, she uses the wisdom and tools she's gathered and devotes her work to helping women heal the layers that keep them trapped, silenced, and exhausted so they can feel safe, free, and seen.

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