Hi, I'm Mitzi.

I am a Quantum Healer, a Wisdom Keeper, and a Spiritual Guide. My mission is to help you remember ALL that you are, to show you how to reconnect with your powerful, authentic, magical Self.


Earth was designed as a playground, a place where souls incarnate to experience growth, mastery, and evolution. When we're carrying trauma, conditioning, and programming, it slows our progress and makes expansion challenging.

But there's a great awakening underway ... maybe you're feeling it?

It's time to come out of hiding, to use your voice, to step out of the old, to create flow, to experience life in all its magic.

It's time to tap into your own innate wisdom, to embody your brilliance.

It's time to awaken to your limitlessness, to reconnect with your magnificence, your power, your SOUL essence.

Allow me to guide in you in remembering ALL that you are.

Bianca D.

Mitzi is the most supportive and powerful quantum healer I know. I have worked with several dozen quantum healers and have never experienced such profound, rapid transformation. Mitzi also creates a healing space that provides deep, instant relief. In the 6 months that I worked with her, she helped me transition out of the lowest point in my life. I am now experiencing levels of joy and happiness I never knew were attainable, and I have no doubt she played a major role in getting me here. Highly recommend!

Ways To Connect, Grow, Evolve

Work With Me

Are you searching for answers? Looking for support as you level up? Are you ready for change but don't know what to do or where to start? In this section you'll find deep, immersive programs, individualized coaching options, and transformative healing sessions to help you unlock the keys on your healing or spiritual journey.

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Light Language

Are you looking for a way to remember, align, and reconnect with your Soul? Are you searching for a next-level connection with All That You Are? I invite you to explore my Light Language offerings where a personalized activation and encoded transmission can open up blockages, unlock dormant abilities, and help you reconnect with the frequencies of "home."

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Sound Alchemy

Are you ready to experience the incredible power of sound alchemy? Sound can elevate, soften, release, and transform. When used intentionally, sound creates a synergistic vortex of frequency that transports you to a place of awareness, knowing, and understanding. Check out this section for ways to use the healing power of sound to support your growth and evolution. 

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I host both in-person and online events that offer opportunities to: explore who you are at a deeper level; facilitate growth and expansion; connect with other like-minded souls. I'm always adding events, so be sure to check back often!

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Our community is for those who are actively engaged in their healing process, working on expanding their consciousness, or looking for ways to evolve. If this is you, come check us out! It's FREE!   

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Heather K.

The work I have done with Mitzi has been beautiful and transformative. It’s not only helped me to find a deeper understanding of the patterns that have played out in my life, but she’s helped me move through them! My life has changed for the better with her help.

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