For mid-aged women who feel trapped, silenced, and exhausted, Healing Alchemy offers ...

▶︎ Space where you can be deeply seen, recognized, and appreciated for all you've been through

🌱 Profound life-changing healing, while feeling deeply safe and held

▶︎ A place where you can relax in a mentorship where all of you is welcome

🌱 An illuminated path to see, hear, and love all parts of yourself

▶︎ A roadmap to step into a whole new level of clarity, confidence, and celebration of your life

Because we can't thrive, shine our light into the world, and do the things we came here to do while we are feeling stifled.

Have you had experiences with people who seem to dominate the space? People who are overbearing, bossy, and drive right over you?

Maybe your father ran the house like a dictator. Or maybe you had an aggressive boss who was overly demanding. Maybe you were in a relationship with a narcissist or were bullied in school.

These experiences create wounds, oftentimes deeply buried, and they impact us long after the fact.

Want to know which wound your experiences have created? Take the DominantMan Wound Quiz to find out!

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Are You Ready To:


🔸 Understand why and how you've been stifled?

🔸 Clarify exactly where your self-sabotage is coming from?

🔸 Meet the various parts of you in a safe, wondrous way?

🔸 Learn which type of Stifled Wound you have?

🔸 Discover why and how you've become trapped inside?

🔸 See where your inner cast of characters has been helping and harming you?

🔸 Experience miraculous healing of old hurts?

🔸 Shift self-hating patterns as if by magic?

🔸 Clear the bonds that still hold you to the wounds, patterns, and trauma?

What past clients have said ...

about their experience working with Mitzi

Hi, I'm Mitzi

I'm an experienced quantum healer who has helped hundreds of women over the past 15 years to release old gunk and step into their power.

I've had my own dance with the stifled wound energy, and walked my way through healing the associated trauma. We all have unique experiences of how being stifled shows up in our lives, but I know firsthand how important it is to move through the steps of healing this wound to feel confident, safe, embodied, and powerful as women. 

This healing has changed my life. So I use the wisdom and tools I've gathered and devote my work to helping women heal the layers that keep them trapped. When they shed everything that was put upon them and reconnect with their own innate greatness, their lives shift in the most beautiful, profound way. 



Work With Me

When we feel stifled, we hide in the background, shush our voice, don't share our gifts, and don't feel safe enough to show all of ourselves.

We second-guess ourselves, worry what others think, carry heaps of fear, tend to people-please, and find change scary.

We dim our light.

It's exhausting, overwhelming, and suffocating.

I've healed the Stifled Wound in myself and others. I know how uniquely heavy and impossible it can be. With my signature blueprint, the Reclamation Method, I'm truly a specialist who can help you.

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