Connecting With The Summer Solstice

Jun 18, 2022

Some people make a big ta-do about the arrival of the Summer Solstice, while other folks don’t pay any attention at all. For me, there’s a quiet sacredness to the whole thing that I find very inviting. It’s a marker of sorts, a reminder to pause, tune in and connect to the rhythms of the earth.


The Summer Solstice, in the northern hemisphere, is the moment of our year when the most light is available to us.


Light carries data, information, and frequencies and is received through our 7th dimensional lenses. It impacts the hypothalamus, pineal, and pituitary glands, stimulating them. These glands interpret this information and this data is then refracted in our bodies, dropping in keys and expansion codes.


Summer Solstice 2022 will occur on June 21, at 4:14 AM Central Daylight Time and 11:14 AM Central European Time. The amazing thing about this event is that it happens at the exact moment everywhere on the planet. Unlike other events – like ringing in the New Year, for example, which progresses from one time zone to the next – we all celebrate the moment when the earth’s tilt reaches its zenith at the same instant no matter where we are located on the planet.


It is said that on the Solstice eve, the entire energy grid of the planet moves into harmony, supporting all inhabitants as they prepare to shift in response to the increase in sunlight or decrease in sunlight depending on which hemisphere you’re in.


The Summer Solstice is a completion of a cycle that began at Winter Solstice, one in which the sun’s light grows longer each day, nurturing seeds planted both in the soil and energetically in our subtle bodies. This is an opportunity to pause and reflect on our accomplishments, to examine how far we’ve come in the half year that’s behind us, and to assess where we want to go in the half year that’s ahead.


With days that are the longest of the year, this is a beautiful time to soak up the nourishment and energy of the sun and let it fuel our own personal growth. This is a time of renewal and abundance, of recognizing our personal rhythms, of honoring the light within.


If you’re feeling called to acknowledge this planetary moment, you might consider performing a ritual or ceremony of your own to help usher in your next level of growth and expansion.


Some options to explore:


  • It is believed that healing plants and herbs are their most potent at Summer Solstice. If you’d like to restock your medicinal cabinet, gather some of these magical plants considered sacred by the ancestors: St. John’s Wort; Vervain; Yarrow; Fern; Mugwort.


  • Keep a sacred fire burning. Whether you choose a big bonfire to celebrate with friends, or a small fire in the form of a candle, your intent makes it potent.


  • Take a moment to reflect via journaling. Some suggestions:

Fire energy represents destruction so that new growth can happen; it represents action and empowerment; it represents creativity and sexual passion. Draw upon the fire energy of the sun as you answer the following:

                        * What has reached completion?

                        * What are you ready to let go of?

                        * What have you worked on that you are really proud of?

                        * What are you ready to grow and bring into your life?

                        * How can you shine your brightest light?

                        * What might you need to release in order to shine your brightest light?

                        * What are 3 next steps you can take to move forward?


  • Connect with Earth’s heartbeat: find a spot outside and set your intention to work in harmony and flow with the energies of Earth. Find a comfortable place to sit and place your hand on the ground. Close your eyes and give yourself a moment to settle in. As you relax, begin to imagine the feel of the energy of the planet rising up through each finger into your hand. Sense it traveling up your arm and into your entire body. Allow Earth’s energy to merge with your own energy.


After you’ve established a connection with Earth, bring your awareness to your breath. Follow your breath in and out. As you’re tracking your breath, softly tune in to Earth’s breath and see if you can begin to harmonize the two … inhale with Earth, exhale with Earth. Can you find the flow? Can you allow your breath to merge with Earth’s breath? Can you become one with Earth?


If you allow yourself to become very still, very inwardly focused, you’ll be able to feel the heartbeat of Earth. Focus on your perineum … as you open to the experience and allow, you may notice a faint pulse or whoosh, a gentle swell of energy in followed by a soft outflow. THIS is the heartbeat of the planet. Connecting with Earth’s rhythm and heartbeat is a deeply healing, restorative, and recharging practice.


There are many ways to mark the arrival of Summer Solstice. Explore and find the method that feels right for you.

xo, Mitzi


About Mitzi

Mitzi is an experienced quantum healer who has helped hundreds of women over the past 15 years to release old gunk and step into their power.

Experiencing firsthand the power of healing the DominantMan Wound, she uses the wisdom and tools she's gathered and devotes her work to helping women heal the layers that keep them trapped, silenced, and exhausted so they can feel safe, free, and seen.

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