Work with Me

Feeling stifled shows up in so many ways ... from keeping parts of ourselves hidden, to not using our voice, to feeling not good enough, to not sharing our gifts, and more.

I've healed the Stifled Wound in myself and others. I know how uniquely heavy and impossible it can be.

But there's a way out.

In my Free To Be Me program, we work together to uncover all the layers and get to the root cause - the conditioning, the trauma, and the beliefs - that's keeping you feeling trapped, silenced, and exhausted. Using the wisdom and tools I've gathered, we heal each layer, one by one, so you can reclaim your joy and show up fully in your life.

Free To Be Me


My signature system is a proven process for healing the not-good-enough, second-guessing, and playing small patterns so you can feel safe, free, and seen.

In this space, all of you is welcome. You can let your guard down here and bring all parts of you into the conversation: the part that is afraid to be seen; the you that worries about being judged; the part that carries shame; the part of you that's afraid to share her magic.


In this work, you can expect to:


🔸 Release your need to be in control, so you can make choices from your heart space rather than from fear

🔸 Experience miraculous healing of old hurts, which leads to more lightness and less triggers

🔸 Heal the not-good-enough patterns, so you can stop comparing yourself to others

🔸 Uncover the reasons why change is scary, so you can experience new things with ease

🔸 Release the way you second-guess yourself, so you can trust your decisions and intuition

🔸 Shift self-loathing patterns, so you can see the beautiful soul that you are and accept your gifts

🔸 Create space for more joy, so you can show the world all of yourself

Program Details

12 weeks

We meet 1:1 for quantum healing sessions

I will guide you through parts work, diving into the conditioning, beliefs, and unprocessed trauma so you can find lasting change

Energy work, including Akashic clearing, sound baths, and guided meditations

Access to me via text, messenger, or phone in between sessions for support as you're integrating the healing work we do in sessions

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